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So Discover the Ultimate Bucks Party Boats Sydney on the Harbour

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Choosing Party Boats Sydney is a rite of passage that every man should enjoy before they commit themselves to the confines of marriage. Fun, friends, alcohol and plenty of scantily clad women. So they are all just part of the experience for sending your friend off in style.

Also, today, more guys are beginning to explore the benefits of a fantastic bucks cruise in Sydney. So this can have advantages over other venues for creating a celebration that will be full of debauchery and memories.

We Have BYO Food & Alcohol Options

Planning for food and drinks is another element of your cruise that you can customise for the occasion. Consider your guest-of-honours favourite foods and beverages.

You will enjoy knowing that a cruise in Sydney allows you to bring-your-own refreshments. So this means that your guests will not be forced to eat reheated cruise food and overly-priced drinks. Instead, you can pour your favourite liquor as freely as you wish.

Doing this on a Riviera boat in Sydney while knowing that everyone can indulge without being hassled about a bar tab. All of these elements are what goes into designing a 5 Star Cruise.

Instant Quotes

So we can take care of everything for you.
Concentrate on is having the time of your life.
Over 20 years in the entertainment industry.
We are the most professional cruise operator.

Value Package

Fully customisable luxury packages for you.
Be amazed by what you can choose.
So, we match your budget to your cruise.
Nothing is too much trouble just ask.

Custom Options

We take pride in our work for clients.
We know what our customers expect.
Also, we concentrate on attention to detail.
This is what makes a great cruise happen.

The Premier Party Boat Cruises in Sydney

With a party boat chosen and your menu planned, you can get ready for the real reason why everyone is coming to your bucks party. Strippers and Topless Waitresses are the main show at your event.

So you can ensure that everyone can let loose on a bucks party boat where whatever happens just part of the fun. Unlike public venues where the public might view your friends’ crazy antics, party boats offer complete privacy where your guests can indulge their wildest fantasies.

As you plan your bucks, make sure it will hit epic proportions by choosing the right place to host your event.

So with party boat cruises, you have full control over your refreshments and entertainment, which means that you can customise it to fit your preferences.

Then, all you have to do is show up and get ready to have some serious fun on the premier boats in Sydney. Also, you choose to ensure that your friend’s last night of freedom is full of excitement.

Superb 47 Foot Catamaran Party Boats Sydney

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Fully Loaded Sound

Bring your iPhone & play all your best tunes.
Large fridges which can keep all drinks Cool.
Male & female toilets at the front of the boat.
A perfect vessel for a BYO food & Drink option.
An ideal option for medium to large groups.

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BBQ For Food Options

A great boat that is ideal for a hens parties.
Experienced staff take care of your every need.
TV on request, don’t miss your sporting events.
Choose various wharves around Sydney harbour.
Indoor & outdoor options whatever the weather.

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Hot 49 Cap Party Boat

This boat is ideal for larger groups on a budget.
Upstairs Deck can take 20 people & seats for 16.
Downstairs deck fully opened or table & chairs.
Seated back deck to enjoy the harbour views.
The boat stirred from upstairs or downstairs.

An Incredible Party Boat Cruises Sydney Is Just a Few Steps Away

It is always a worry when you have not done something before, and we understand this more than anyone. That is why we try and do all the heavy lifting for you. Of course, there needs to be some interaction between 5-star cruises and our customers. We have streamlined this process, so it is as little intrusive as possible.

As you can see we have a complete collection of vessels, so the choice is not an issue. The only option that you need to consider is how much fun you are going to have with all of these Party Boats on the Harbour.

An Unreal Weekend On Sydney Harbour Party Boats with All Your Besties

So It’s our job to make all your dreams become a reality for the best value in the harbour. All of this starts with getting in touch with Danny or Cherie and outlining what your plans are. So this can be by phone, email or quote form.

We have a brand new system which makes arranging a party boat Sydney very simple indeed. All you need to do is choose the vessel you like, and the rest is self-explanatory.

So, the only part we need to complete is to check the availability of the date, time and boat and we are good to go.

Also just try and give as much detail as possible and any special requirements that might be needed. If you require being called back at a particular time or contacted by email or text only, please advise us of this.

 So either way, we are here to help you however we can so do not put it off call today. So, let 5 Star Cruises do its thing.

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