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How much will a Package cost?

We will give you an individual quote as each cruise will have different elements to it and special requirements can be added. We try and give you a general guideline on the site. The cost per head will change depending on numbers on the boat.

Can I see the boat or venue in advance of booking?

Yes if you wish to have a look at the boat or venue prior to booking your package then this can be arranged. Most other bucks cruise companies would not allow this

How does it work if I cancel/rearrange my party cruise?

Please read terms and conditions. If you require a copy we can send one to you. We have boats that are fully covered and we also have access to party venues if needed.

When should I be booking my Cruise?

The more lead time the better. This will ensure that your requirements are available and are booked. I small deposit will guarantee the boat and the girls. I would have around a 3 month lead time. Minimum would be 4 weeks.

Can I do BYO on food and drink?

Yes you can, but this must be pre-arranged and authorised by 5 Star Cruises. Certain boats will do it and certain ones wont. We can usually match your bucks cruise to the right vessel.

Can the party be a mix of males and females?

Yes it can, but 5 Star Cruises must be informed in advance so we can advise/arrange what's appropriate for a mix group party.

Can I bring my own music to play on my cruise or venue? Can I use my iPhone/ iPod?

Yes, you can bring your own music. Most of our boats have iPhone/iPod connectivity.

Are there different wharfs available for pick up and drop off?

Yes there are. This must be pre-arranged and there may be costs involved. There are multiple wharf's in and around Sydney harbour and we try to make it work for the client and the boat owner.

What are the rules when I am on the boat or in the venue?

You will be sent a bucks cruise guide well in advance. This will stipulate the do's and do not's on the day. It has been designed so you can have the best bucks party experience ever.

Are the boats and girls on the website the actual ones you can book for the cruise?

Yes, 100%. We also have a lot of girls that are not showing on the website, please request on availability. We pride ourselves that what we promise is what you will get. It wouldn't work as a business if we didn't keep our standards high.

Can we get a momentous of the day e.g. Photos / Video?

Yes, but this must be pre-arranged and be controlled by 5 Star Cruises. There is strictly NO PHOTOS or VIDEOS allowed of the girls whist performing.

Hopefully we have answered all your FAQ's


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