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Sydney Harbour Corporate Cruises

The Ultimate Sydney Harbour Corporate Cruises

Sydney Harbour Corporate Cruises are without a doubt the best way for a business to through there valued staff a great party. You can do this without breaking the bank either. We specialise in taking the heavy lifting away from you so you and your staff can have a truly memorable day.

Sydney Harbour is still the most sublime backdrop on the planet and its even better close up on the water. Only when you are on a classy vessel with the sun beating down do you feel its magic.

So that’s why we specialise in arranging Corporate Boat Hire and we are the go-to company for this service.

Its the Busiest Time of the Year on the Harbour

When it comes to October, November and especially December the Harbour is buzzing with cruises. Also, 99 % of these cruises have been booked months in advance. The old saying ” Snooze you lose ” is a very apt one when it comes to booking a vessel.

Here is a selection of the available boats for hire in Sydney harbour. These boats can accommodate from 20 – 100 people and come with a full range of facilities. So we guarantee we will be able to find the ideal boat to suit your style and budget.

We are always adding brand new vessels to our extensive fleet so that we can offer you all the latest models and facilities.
There are no unloved old boats on our books, and we make sure we only use reportable boat owners who we have had long-standing relationships. This way we can assure consistency to all our valuable clients.

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We Can Supply All Your Corporate Boat Hire Sydney Needs

So that’s all the vessels covered. The food options range from nibbles to lobster. The drink options from Standard beers to Premium beers and Spirits. (individual boats don’t do spirits) So as you can see the choice is massive and we can get pretty much whatever you require. The primary factor is the budget that is available for a Corporate Cruise. In our experience with a bit of compromise from everyone, we end up with a great event.

So where do you begin in arranging all of this? Ideally as mentioned before this should be starting around August time as that’s when boats start to get booked for December especially. As a rough guide in November and December, Thursday, Friday and Saturdays usually have bookings. Also, everyone wants the same times for their cruise as well.  The more flexible you are with times and dates the better chance you have of getting an ideal boat for a great price.
Also, we have no problem with meeting with you in advance and taking a look at the boats available. Also, this should be a regular practice for any professional cruise business.

5 Star Cruises 9 Things To When Arranging Boat Hire in Sydney

  1. It’s always the First Customer to Pay Deposit gets the boat.
  2. How many people are you expecting on your cruise?
  3. Have a realistic idea of your what your budget is.
  4. Have a look at the cruisers/boats you like
  5. Be flexible with times and dates to give you a greater choice.
  6. Discuss Food and Drink options available. A BYO may be on offer.
  7. What kind of entertainment are you look for or is it just a quiet cruise on the water.
  8. Where would be the easiest location to pick up and drop off the group?
  9. If you haven’t done this before, don’t worry we are here to help and assist you every step of the way.
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We Have Multiple Clients Booking A Corporate Cruise Every Year

So where about do you begin? We always suggest starting with what your estimated budget is that you want to spend on your valuable staff. So this will makes it easier for all parties involved so we can quickly supply what you are looking for the price you had in mind. When you have your budget, we choose the appropriate boat in regards to numbers attending and facilities required.

Let Us Arrange Your Works Sydney Harbour Corporate Cruise

We can pretty much customise every part of the cruise, so entertaining your employees is done with ease. Remember happy staff is a productive team. We are also always willing to take you to the boats so you can have a look and meet us in person. So this will give you confidence in who we are and how we work.

The date is a critical part of the entire booking a corporate cruise. Everyone wants the same dates and times, so please have this in mind. If you can have a few choices of days, this usually avoids disappointment. I know in winter the last thing you want to be doing is thinking about December but its the best in the long run.

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The Conclusions With a Sydney Corporate Cruise Experience

If you haven’t tried it a Corporate boat hire in Sydney Harbour before we guarantee you and all your work colleges will have a day to remember. It’s a very cost-effective way to show them how much you value their hard work in making your busy a success. Also, this is team building with a smile. We have all the knowledge, experience and contacts to plan whatever package you are looking for at 5 Star Cruises.

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How to Book Your Cruise

We offer you two flexible ways to book your cruise:

Option One: Perfect Packages

option 1

They say good things come in small packages, well… great things must come in bigger packages, right?

Our veteran party planners have hand-tailored a selection of perfectly proportioned packages for you to choose from. Balancing budget, thrills, a dash or two of luxury and plenty of mischief, they’re the stress-free way to plan a party that’s sure to be the talk of the town.

1. Pick


Select a package and extras

2. Quote

quote 1

Receive an instant quote* below
*No payment is taken at this time

3. Book


Happy? Seal the deal with a deposit

4. Pay


Balance is due 14 days before your cruise

5. Party


Grab your guys and girls and set sail!

Option Two: Build Your Own

option 2

Fancy putting your party-planning skills to the test? As well as our perfectly proportioned packages, we also offer you the chance to build your own custom hens or bucks party package. Doing so couldn’t be simpler:

1. Build


Email us your dream itinerary

2. Quote

quote 2

Your party planner tailors a bespoke quote

3. Book


Happy? Seal the deal with a deposit

4. Pay


Balance is due 14 days before your cruise

5. Party


Grab your guys and girls and set sail!

Drop us a Line…

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