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Hire The Hottest Strippers For Your Bucks Party

Hiring a stripper is a great way to make a party amazing. Every guy who's about to tie the knot deserves a great party. No buck's night is complete without the ultimate strippers and we have the sexiest strippers for your party. All our strippers for hire are professionals who will leave your party guests gaping in awe at the incredible stunts and dances they can perform.

Less Cost More Fun All The Way

A great night out with all the trimmings could end up costing you tonnes of money, especially if you're looking to rent out a strip joint. Instead of trying to rent a club, just choose one of our stunning strippers for hire. They can come directly to your home or apartment and entertain you there.

Another great benefit of hiring the best strippers to come to your party location is that you'll be in a controlled environment. This alone is enough reason to hire a bucks party stripper to come to you, because you won't have to worry about drinking too much and getting a cab back to your place. It's the safest and easiest way to get all the kicks you are looking for on your doorstep. 5 Star offer a tried and tested way to hire the ultimate strippers and be sure they are going to turn up.

Controlled Environment For Your Party

You and your buddies will already be in a safe and controlled environment where you can crash and go to bed after all the festivities are over.

No queuing to get in or issues with security to make your life difficult for no reason. All this makes the experience tailored to your specifications. Nothing is left to chance so only great things will happen on the night of nights!

We Have The Complete Selection Of Bucks Party Strippers

We can offer you any stripper of your dreams, because we have a unique relationship with the leading female entertainment agency. Cassie's is the go-to business for all the professional ladies who perform our strip shows.

Cassie runs and owns Cassie's Australia's Premier Adult Entertainment Agency. She has the knowledge and skills to help all our 5 Star clients with their partying needs. She has been working with us for many years and knows the sector like the back of her hand.

Cassie's can provide strippers in all of the following areas. Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Central Coast, Wollongong, & Perth.

This means that we have a fully automated booking process with one of our partners who are at the top of their game.

The next step is to call Cassie where she can talk about availability, prices and booking procedures. She can email or text you the pictures of who is free to perform for your event.

More Intimate Options

Having strippers coming to your event is 100% the way to go. You won't have to worry about competing with other people in a club for the stripper's attention, plus your friends will have more fun in a more intimate environment where you can let go. You won't have to worry about other drunken parties disturbing you or starting fights with members of your party.

The girls can do a multitude of different shows that can cover all the requirements of any group. Whether it is a full-on young crowd who want to set the world alight or an older crowd who want a tamer environment, or a shy group who just want a low-key strip show for the buck.

  • G String Show (Ideal for a low-key event approximately 15 - 20 mins long)
  • R Rated Show (Looking for a bit more of a raunchy experience around 18 - 20 mins)
  • X Rated Show (The most requested show chosen for bucks parties 22 - 30 mins long)
  • Double X Rated Lesbian Show (25 - 30 minutes of naughtiness)

There are also double combinations available on these options. Also, there are outfit options on request.

Cops, Maids, Nurse, and Army plus much more.

We Can Supply Strippers Across Australia

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Central Coast, Northern Beaches, Newcastle, Wollongong, Byron Bay, Hunter Valley, Canberra plus much more.

The girls can do everything from a G-string show to a double XXX rated performance and everything in between. This means we can accommodate you and your mates with the perfect selection. The length of time of the performance depends on which show. They can vary from 10 minutes up to 60 minutes.

We have Australia's most fabulous collection of strippers at our fingertips.

So to book the best adult entertainment in Sydney please call 0451 870047 NOW!!!

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