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Luxury Venues in Sydney CBD

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5 Star Cruises is proud to offer a new service. We have the perfect private function room for hire. This is a premier location for Party Venues for you in Sydney CBD, Now available for your private bucks, birthday and business functions.

The Different Types of Bucks Party Venues Available

Some of the most luxurious party venues are available when you host a Sydney buck night. You can book your Stripper for your party and even pick your private locations.

There are many custom venues to choose. So the question is when you should host a party at one of these venues through Bucks Party Venues.

The best party venues in Sydney are located in the inner west, north shore, eastern suburbs, and south east areas.

There are many different types of party venues available. Some offer a full service package while others only provide catering services.

Party venues come in all shapes and sizes. From large scale events to small intimate parties they can cater for every occasion.

Venue hire prices depend on the size of the venue and the type of event being held. Smaller venues generally charge less than larger venues.

Party venues are ideal for holding birthday parties, wedding receptions, anniversary celebrations, baby showers, family gatherings, graduation parties, business meetings, holiday parties, and so on.

In fact, almost anything that requires a gathering of friends and family can be held at a party venue.

Party venues are often found in shopping centres, hotels, pubs, restaurants, clubs, bars, cafes, parks, schools, churches, community halls, sports fields, and so on. Many party venues have their own websites.

Bucks Night Party Treats

Let’s not forget about the available party treats to keep your night light and full of fun. These Sydney bucks night can include food and drinks as well as entertainment.

You will be able to choose the type and style of party you want to host for friends and let us do all the work in getting it planned and up and running in no time at all.

Whatever type of party you are looking for, you can have a catered Sydney bucks night party for up to 100 people in no time at all.


Then there is the entertainment. Choose from your hand-picked strippers. They are the gorgeous girls on the planet, ready to work and dance for you.

Choose from topless blondes, brunettes and even redheads, whatever your fancy is. The girls are available for your entertainment and can be you throughout the night for an affordable price.

It’s important to remember that the venues tend to get booked up fast as everyone is looking to host their party for a night they will always remember, so this is why it is important to make your inquiry about a party quickly and decide on when you want to host it fast. With new Venues popping up all the time.

It may be a chance to make that guy's night you’ve been dreaming of the reality. Enjoy a variety of entertainment, food and breakage packages to choose from when you host your own bucks’ party at one of the many venue locations.

Take time to choose the type of party you are ready to host. Then give us a call to decide when is the best time to host your party today.


Because every guy fantasises about a night to remember and one they will never forget. So they experienced this event with some of their best friends on the planet.

Also, if you find yourself in need of that guy’s night you’ve always been talking about, now may be the time to jump started and get it scheduled. So, find out the types of settings you are looking for when it comes to creating your own guy’s night party scene. 

Enjoy a Sydney bucks night with a variety of food options, beverage ideas and even entertainment packages from some gorgeous strippers around.

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