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Bucks Party Activities In Sydney


Bucks Party Activities in Sydney

The Bucks Party is a rite of passage for any groom, and ensuring yours is unforgettable is essential before your big day. Sydney is awash with activities and opportunities, and finding the right one for your mates can be tricky. You may want to combine different events, or there might be a passion all your bucks share, but if not, exploring our list of bucks party activities in Sydney is a great place to start. Keep all these top activities in mind when you plan your Sydney bucks party.

Go Karting

Thrill seekers, gamers and karting pros alike cannot fail to enjoy a day at the races, but we mean behind the wheel. A few hours on the go-kart track is fun, exhilarating and popular for bucks parties. Sydney has several karting tracks to choose from, and even if you've never karted before, it's a quick and easy skill to pick up. Non-drivers often find they're the best of the pack in a race around the track.

Skirmish Paintball

Skirmish paintball always ranks high amongst bucks' ideas of a great day out, and it's easy to see why. Sydney is packed with paintball sites, and the latest paintball guns ensure those shots are more than a little painful when they make contact with your mate. You can approach paintball in one of two ways: as a tactical strategy game or as a chance to shoot as many people as possible. Which one will you choose?


Poker is a huge deal in Sydney, so finding a poker table to enjoy shouldn't be difficult at all. There are many live poker tables around the city, and many offer a range of additional casino games in addition to just poker. Gamble on anything you like, from sports and horse racing to the trill of roulette, video poker and blackjack. There are many casinos across Sydney, and they're all used to the raucous fun you get when the bucks are in town.

Marine Adventures

Many bucks party activities in Sydney occur over more than a single day. An adventure tour out in the ocean is a perfect daytime activity if you have something less wholesome planned for the night. Adventure tours allow you to sail out into open water and experience different types of marine life, from whale watching to swimming with dolphins or even looking for the great white shark.

VIP Clubbing

Whether you're always out in Sydney or your first time exploring the night lift, a VIP clubbing experience ensures you'll get a real feel for just how amazing it can be. Sydney is home to several large nightclubs and booking the VIP experience means you can enjoy exclusive access to the club and dance the night away.

Escape Room

The rise of the escape room has been unavoidable, whether you've enjoyed one for a work event or at a bucks party. An Escape Room for your Bucks is a chance to get your brains working as well as the rest of you as you try and work out the puzzles and mazes to make your way out of the space. It's a great daytime activity before a more relaxed night; whether you'll be able to escape will depend on your collective brain power.

Sports Fishing

You may already be a group of fishing fans, but even if you're not, it can be a great day out for a bucks celebration. Perhaps the experts in your group could teach the novices how to catch their first barra? Chartering a boat out to the deeper seas gives you your catch of the goodies with barra, gummy and marlin to look out for. Team hours at sea with a bucket of beers, and you know it's going to be a good day.

Brewery Tour

Putting beers at the heart of your bucks party will always be popular, and a brewery tour is your chance to enjoy amazing beers and learn a little along the way. Sydney is home to a number of top breweries, many of which are more than happy to arrange bucks party tours and a chance to show off their top brews.

Bubble Soccer

If you want to spend your bucks party unable to stop laughing then Bubble Soccer is for you. Imagine each of your mates in their own huge plastic bubble and then imagine them trying to play the best possible game of soccer they can, it's not going to go well, is it? No one will remain standing for long and it's hard to imagine many goals being scored.

Advanced Driving

If you've got a gang of petrolheads lined up for your bucks party, then a chance to test-drive some high-performance cars is bound to go down well. Car manufacturers like Porsche, Audi and BMW often arrange drive days to give you the chance to try out some of their newest and most exciting models. There are also driving experience days where you have your pick of rally cars, supercars or off-road racing, whatever takes your fancy.

Shooting Range

Nothing is more traditional than taking your bucks to the shooting range. Sydney has a number of ranges to choose from, and it's a chance to see who is the keenest shot of you all. There are clay pigeon ranges as well as those where you're firing assault weapons.

Private Dining Experience

There's nothing wrong with being a bit of a foodie these days, so if you want to take things up a notch and offer your bucks fine dining (and fine drinking), then booking a private dining room is a great idea. Wines are paired with every course, and it's the chance to add a little refinement to an otherwise debauched weekend, something the guys may appreciate.

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