Boat Cruise Sydney Harbour

Enjoy a Boat Cruise Sydney Harbour

Award Winning Girls for your Award Winning Boat Cruise. Having to tie the knot with your wife. So this is something that every man does at a certain point in his life. Also, this also means that you are thoroughly allowed to have one last night with all the entertainment you want. Strippers, topless waitresses, luxury boat rides – we offer it all. Take a look at the boat cruise in Sydney that we have to offer and you are going to be sure of it. We offer different packages of three, four and five stars which are going to bring you different perks and features. However, the important thing that you’d have t0 understand is that all of them feature the most beautiful women in the country. They are going to be entertaining only you and your friends for the entire night.

The Mari-Time of Your Life Hens Cruise Package

Our Boat Cruise Reviews Sydney

We offer a variety of different boats when you pick a Boat Cruise Sydney Harbour. Also, they are mainly designated to match your every demand in both size and also in budget. We have the bucks night ideas that you are going to need from a luxury cruiser.  You would get the chance to party in the most stylish boats, the size of which is based on how many people you have in mind.

A Wide Range of Features on Our Boat Cruise Every cruise that you pay for is going to have a variety of entertainment options. We also offer the most exquisite food. We have different drinking packages to fit your demands and budget. You can also choose your girls if you want the 5 stars package.

Hand Picked Topless Waitresses Sydney for Parties

Don’t Be Afraid Do It Today

You can also take advantage of different but stylish cruise boats. The length of the entire activity is also flexible, and you can go between 2 and 5 hours. In any case, you can have a single or double, X or R rated entertainment depending on your personal preference.

To Sum It All Up

Furthermore, you can also select your girls if you go ahead and book the 5-star experience. In any case, our Boat Cruise in Sydney is without a doubt the best way to end your single’s life and remember the night for the rest of your life.

Ship-Faced Party Cruise

Centrefold Girls

You’re planning a party, and you want it to be the best. Whether it’s for your brother or a good friend, he deserves a good send-off before taking the plunge into marriage. The drinks will be flowing and the fun times will be rolling. It’s a night to let loose and has a blast before picking up the responsibilities of daily life the next day. If you want to make memories that are going to last think about centrefold girls as the icing on the cake.

The Play-Buoy Bucks Party Cruise

Birthday Cruises Sydney

Finding the Best Centrefold Girls

If you’re going to splurge on Centrefold Girls, you want someone who will stand out above the rest. Get your money’s worth with some of the top picks in the city. Ranking at the head of the list are the following:-

Organise Your Private Poker Party

Boat Charter Sydney Harbour

You’ll soon discover that you can get more than you asked for, including a full striptease if you want to take your bucks night to the next level. Start with a Sydney topless waitress to bring you your drinks and finish the evening when she takes it off. It’s up to you when it comes to how far your waitress will go.

What To Look For In Female Entertainment?

To begin with, you want to make sure that you are paying for what you want. That means all costs should be upfront with no hidden charges. You’ll find that many of the companies that specialise in topless waitresses will not charge you deposit or booking fees. Opt for the business that is going to treat you well. Your topless waitress should be flexible, coming to the location of your choosing, whether it is someone’s home, a bar, or a hotel. You pick the time and the place. Finally, you need a company that will provide you with a broad selection of gorgeous women, allowing you to find the perfect match for your bucks party. Find out about what packages are available to make your night.

How to Book a Showgirl

Booking is easy. Many companies have an online form. So this allows you to take care of all of the arrangements from your computer or mobile device. Otherwise, call the phone number provided and get ready for an unforgettable experience.

Stunning Catamarans & Rivieras for Party Cruises

Plan Your Fun-filled Christmas Party Cruise Today

Bachelor Party Sydney

If you have been handed over the responsibility of planning the party of a lifetime in Sydney. Complete with everything from food to transport, select from an extensive list of personalised Bachelor Party Packages Sydney.

By placing the burden of party planning on the backs of the experts who make a living planning excellent experience. So, you can take credit for the party and enjoy yourself without the stress.

Find out about the types of Bachelor Party Packages Sydney that you can book. Also customisation options and pricing by reading on.

Plan Your Fun-filled Christmas Party Cruise Today

Types Of Bachelor Party Packages Sydney That Would Work

You should always hire a local company that knows Sydney inside and out. When you want to plan a private party.

By choosing a business that in Sydney, you will have peace of mind in knowing that you will visit only the most respected establishments.

You can select room packages complete with adult shows. Also blackjack tables or something a bit out of the ordinary where you will enjoy drinks, BBQ, music and bowling.

You must consider what the buck will experience on his night.  Decide if a private table at a lingerie bar is ideal, or if a harbour voyage on a luxury yacht or cruiser is more the buck’s style.

As long as you choose a company with a positive reputation in the vicinity, you should have options that include outdoor excursions, three-course dinners, and erotic fantasies.

So you can select from bucks party packages or build your custom package and choose la carte options.  You also have the possibility of add-ons that you can enjoy.

So, you can arrange other Lingerie waitresses or strippers to go with your event.  Get your list of attendees together, set a per person budget.

Then create the experience that no one will forget before your best mate’s life changes forever.

Luxury Boats for Hire on Sydney Harbour

Finding Great Deals When Choosing Your Event

So, the cost of a bucks party can add up when you do not have the right connections.  By hiring a reputable event planner who plans personalised events for individuals on any budget.

You can benefit from the relationships that the planner has made throughout their career.  The package options that are available will vary depending on the company that you do business.

So, the most reputable companies have experienced planners and partnerships. With restaurants, caterers, transport operators, nightclubs and more.  Pay for a package, and pay less while you get more.

Ship-Faced Party Cruise

Boat Charter Sydney Harbour

If you have a friend or relative who will be tying the knot shortly.  He has selected you to be his best man, you need to give your mate a spectacular Boat Charter Sydney Harbour that he will never forget.

So this will allow him to say goodbye to the single life in style. There are a wide variety of ideas to choose from for your bucks party. You can customise the entertainment at your bucks party to suit the tastes of the groom.

No matter what the groom likes, we will be able to give him a night that he will still be thinking about many years from now.

Stunning Catamarans & Rivieras for Party Cruises

How Many People Will Attend A Boat Charter Sydney Harbour?

One of the best things about our bucks party service is that we can accommodate both small and large groups. It does not matter if you want to have an intimate gathering of 10 people. Maybe a huge party of up to 100 guests, we have the ability to handle it.

Where do you want your Sydney boat charter to take place?

One of the more popular options is to have the party on a boat as it sails around the beautiful and scenic Sydney Harbour. However, if the groom is not a fan of the water, we can just as easily throw a party on land that will be equally as entertaining.

Plan Your Fun-filled Christmas Party Cruise Today

What Type Of Entertainment do You want?

People are different, so it is only natural they will have different tastes. So, when it comes to the entertainment at their Boat Charter Sydney Harbour.

For example, the beautiful ladies that we will provide you with are capable of performing an R-rated show for grooms who are a bit conservative. However, they can also provide an X-rated show for gentlemen who are open to that sort of thing.

The waitresses can be topless or wear lingerie; it is entirely up to you. Topless Waitresses Sydney is the most popular choice by far.

We also provide many different types of food and alcohol to make sure the party never stops. Let us know what you would like served at your bucks party, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Luxury Boats for Hire on Sydney Harbour

How much will it cost?

The bucks parties we offer will not break your bank. You can throw a memorable party for your friend or relative without going into debt to do it. The cost of the parties will vary depending on what you want, so call us for a price quote today.


Lingerie Waitresses in Sydney

So, these cute Sydney Lingerie Waitresses are going to make your own bucks party a happening one. With us, you will be getting a lot of packages and options.

For organising the perfect bucks party without draining your wallet. So by staging a show which is suited to your needs. No matter if you are looking forward to something R Rated or X Rated.

You are never going to be disappointed. We are proud to offer you the exclusive service of the hottest Sydney Lingerie Waitresses. As well as the sexiest lingerie waitresses. Regardless of your budget and the kind of event you are planning you can always count on us.

We will provide you with all the fun things you are looking for in an event. 5 Star Cruises only make use of the prettiest hand-picked Sydney girls. Also, we are going to guarantee you of their reliability, quality and image.

You need not go through expensive agencies to find the Sydney hotties since we are here to arrange everything for you. So, we can help you organise topless, lingerie or nude waitress service for 2 hours up to as long as you please. No bucks party is complete without the presence of the best Sydney strippers.

We are here to provide you with the prettiest strippers of Sydney who are sure to make your party much more happening and livelier.

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Bucks Party Ideas Sydney

Get in the Professionals

Our professional award-winning strippers would leave the guests gaping at their cool stunts and dances. Also when it comes to a bucks party cruise in one of the most happening cities of the world.

So, you and your friends are surely looking forward to getting a little turned on and having a night to remember. No bucks party is complete without cigars, beers, champagne, card games and tequilas – all against the backdrop of some of the prettiest strippers performing for you. No matter if you like blondes or brunettes, you can always choose from some lovely strippers.

Our sexy waitresses are always in demand, and therefore you need to book them well in advance to get the best pick. When you book your waitresses with us, you can be sure to get only the girls that you have chosen.

The result is that you and your buddies get to occupy the first-row seat and get all the attention of the performer. Also, you are going to be in a safe and controlled environment so that you can take a cab and reach home when the revelling gets over.

Sydney Lingerie Waitresses Check-list

  • Vessel to cruise on
  • The sexiest Sydney lingerie Waitresses to make your party merrier
  • The best entertainment package
  • The food and drinks to suit you and your friends
  • Choice of the best onshore party venue to continue your celebrations.

Centrefold Girls

Bachelor Party Sydney

Charter Boats Sydney Harbour

Let’s take a quick look at all the fun things you can expect. Out of a four-hour charter boats Sydney harbour. What makes our cruise special?  Is that you get to experience a whole lot of fun within just a matter of four hours. Surely the sheer variety of delectable dishes accompanied by drinks is going to make you feel special.

You can enjoy hot buffet dinners, wine, champagne, house beer. Juices and soft drinks all of which come with the cruise. So while the sumptuous food and drinks are going your party will be happy. You are going to feel much better when it brought by some of a gorgeous ladies of the town. You can have your meals served by the sexiest waitresses in lingerie.  Who would be serving you with a smile on their faces?

Great Charter Boats Sydney Harbour Providers

When you arrange a vessel with 5 Star Cruises, you can rest assured that you are going to get the best value for money services. Men are looking forward to having the best night of their lives choose our facilities for some reasons the foremost of which is our competitive pricing. You can now experience all the thrills of the wildest buck party on the waters by spending a mere $125 per individual.

So this is a too good deal to let go. If you want a 4-hour cruise or a million dollar cruise with wine and women; we can always make that happen for you. Now you can have the best night of your life. In one of the most exclusive cruisers or boats of the town. No matter if you want a small private party with select friends or a big charter boats Sydney harbour with more than 30 invitees; you can always count on us to cater to all your whims.

Luxury Venues in Sydney CBD

Plan Your Fun-filled Christmas Party Cruise Today

Hire Stunning Strippers in Australia

Bux Party in Sydney

While Gilligan and the Skipper only offered their passengers a three-hour tour on the S.S. Minnow, we also provide a four-hour luxury cruise for those participating in its  Bux Party. So to make sure everyone has a great time, plenty of delicacies and drinks are offered, including:
–Hot buffet meals
–House beer, champagne, and wine
–Soft drinks and juices

No matter your tastes, a Bux Party makes sure you’ve got anything and everything you desire.

Ship-Faced Party Cruise

Lingerie Waitresses

If two words go great together, it’s lingerie and waitresses.  Along with the great food and drink, guests of  Bux parties can find themselves served throughout the evening by some of the world’s most beautiful and sexiest women; all dressed in stunning lingerie.  In addition to this, guests treated to a live XXX-rated strip show performed by Sydney’s best striptease artists.  And to make the cruise even more memorable, party participants can also handpick the women. Ones they want on board as their crew, ensuring the evening will be truly spectacular

Stunning Catamarans & Rivieras for Party Cruises

Competitive Pricing

In addition to the beautiful women and mind-blowing entertainment, 5 Star Cruises offers Bux Party at extremely affordable prices.  With an all-inclusive price of only $125 per person, there’s entirely no reason not to book right away.  After all, where else can a group of guys who like to live hard and play harder find a better combination of food, drink, and gorgeous women?

Give It All You Yacht Bucks Party Cruise

Make Your Dreams Come True

Whether it’s a smaller boat for an intimate experience or a Luxury Yacht for a bigger party, we can make your dreams come true.  Whatever ideas you may have for your party, 5 Star Cruises will work with you to make it happen.  If you’ve always wondered what it would feel like to take a walk on the wild side of life, there’s no better time than now to find out.  Also, book your Sydney Bux Party today, and you’ll be guaranteed to have an evening you’ll always remember.

Stunning Catamarans & Rivieras for Party Cruises

Christmas Party Ideas Sydney

When you’re looking for the best Christmas Party Ideas Sydney, you won’t believe how simple it can be. Throw a great send off for that special friend or family member and make it an unforgettable occasion. All you need is a little help. That’s when you need to turn to us at 5 Star Cruises. We provide catering services for small or large groups with an added perk. Our cruises include topless waitresses and a selection of lovely girls who will be only too happy to entertain you. Whether you choose to go tame with an R-rated show or want an X-rated show, lingerie or topless waitress, you’ll have a night beyond compare when you plan your bucks party with us. We are your go-to source for a great party.

Bachelor Party Sydney

Birthday Cruises Sydney

Take Your Party Out on the Water

So, one of the top Christmas Party Ideas Sydney is to take the celebration out on a boat. While you do the initial planning, creating your list of invites and picking a date,  you can count on us to take care of the details. Name the time and place. We’ll make sure the refreshments are flowing with an attractive wait staff to attend to your every need. So, the groom, groomsmen, family, and friends will have the time of their lives. Choose from a variety of boats, pick the length of your cruise, and think about what you want to serve your guests. From nibbles to antipasto and standard or premium beer, be sure everyone walks away satisfied. We’ll help you to create a Christmas party ideas Sydney that suit your budget.

Christmas Party Ideas Sydney – Head to a Great Onshore Venue

If you want Christmas Party Ideas Sydney that will sizzle, combine your event with 5 Star Cruises with an onshore venue. We coordinate everything so that all you have to do is show up. Put everything in our hands when it comes to making sure all of your guests receive the attention they deserve from our lovely ladies. You’ll have a great spot, and we’ll do all of the work. At 5 Star Cruises, we want you and your guests to have the time of your lives.

Let us Make it Happen

So, you can count on our sexy wait staff to be attentive, ensuring everyone has plenty to eat. The drinks will be at the ready for toast after toast as you celebrate the ending of bachelorhood and new beginnings for the guest of honour. Best of all, our gorgeous girls will supply an incredible night of entertainment. So, why not say goodbye to bachelorhood with a bang?

Party Boats

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Female Strippers in Sydney

So, If you are planning a memorable event for a group of friends we are the goto business. You may be wondering where you can find Female Strippers for your Cruises. The fact is that you can have a perfect time on a party cruise with all of your friends. If you want to have the best time possible, you need to think about the entertainment. Music, food and drinks are always popular. Also, the best cruises are those that have the best strippers for live entertainment. Strippers are trained entertainers who know how to put on a great show. So when you are looking for the best strippers in Sydney for a Party Cruises, you can think about a few points.

Sydney’s Most Outrageous Buck Ideas

Stunning Catamarans & Rivieras for Party Cruises

Beautiful and Well-Known Female Strippers

There are many strippers in the Sydney area, but some are more well-known than others. For example, we have strippers like Cassie Alves and Taj, and these strippers perform exclusively on the cruises and linked venues. These are not strippers who will travel to a private residence or party, so the only way that you can enjoy their live entertainment is if you book a cruise through an excellent cruise company. The most captivating and well-known strippers are those who know how to get a crowd excited and who are sure to give you and your party guests plenty to remember after returning home at the end of the cruise.

Special Acts and Performances

You can book a stripper from any number of services in Sydney.  They may give you the same mundane experience that other strippers will provide you with. When you are booking fabulous showgirls, you want to find unique acts and performers that will set your party apart from others that you and your guests have attended. Our strippers can do single or double shows, and they are Penthouse Pets who know how to entertain even the toughest audiences.

While many strippers can attend your party, you want to find the best female strippers for Party Cruises. There is a reason why 5 Star is among the most popular hosts in your local area. The live entertainment offered by the strippers is that reason. You can inquire about the availability of the cruises.  Plus female strippers for your big event by contacting 5 Star Cruises today.

Hand Picked Topless Waitresses for Parties

Bux Party in Sydney

Christmas Party Ideas Sydney

Arranging Catamaran Hire In Sydney

If you are organising a Catamaran hire Sydney all the information you need. Whether it’s a party cruise or family event you need this will guide you. Sometime this year, or maybe even next year. You want to be sure that the party is one that those attending will remember for a long time to come.

When searching the Internet for party ideas, you will come across all the old favourites:




A Day at the races


Discover a Boat Cruise in Sydney Harbour

Christmas Party Ideas Sydney

Hire Stunning Strippers in Australia

Plus, the most essential ingredient, a few drinks at a bar or two. Probably some food and maybe, just perhaps, a bit of adult entertainment thrown in.

Whether or not you decide on an activity such as those listed above. Any of these options would make a great lead up to the highlight of the day – the evening itself. You should give some thought to what kind of experience you and your fellow bucks will enjoy. Time to consider a few options and find a suitable party boat in Sydney.

Finding a boast in Sydney can be a problem. Especially if you leave it too late – these places get booked up so now is the time.  Start making the arrangements right away for your cruise.

Fortunately, there’s another kind of venue that you should think about including in your plans. One of the best party ideas around right now is a cruise. These cruises take place on expensive boats that you can book, on an exclusive basis if there are enough of you, and get you on a leisurely cruise around Sydney Harbour.

Bucks Party Cruise

How Do Your Organise Catamaran Hire Sydney

The party cruises can last for anything between 1 hour and 4 hours and, here’s the best bit; you can arrange a few beautiful waitresses, topless or lingerie-clad if you like, who will also put on an X-rated or R-rated show for you and the guys to enjoy.

Now that, in itself, would make for a great bucks party. But I started this article by saying that we should make your party special. By mixing up a few different catamaran hire Sydney ideas and seek out a few different bucks party vessels.

The way that party specialists 5 Star Cruises go about this is to offer you a cruise in Sydney in conjunction with the use of one of their stylish and exclusive venues in or around the town itself.

So, a typical party could include meeting up at a venue in Sydney for a few drinks and just getting into a party mood, then making your way to your cruise boat for a nice relaxed cruise around the harbour area with plenty to eat and drink and some beautiful girls to serve and entertain you.

Afterwards, you could go back to another venue or just hit the town as you see fit. Transport between bucks party venues and to and from the bucks homes could be arranged. We have an arrangement with Big Mummer and can arrange desirable rates – just another of their great ideas.


Also, we are the only bucks party cruise company that let you choose the actual girls that you want. They will accompany you on your cruise.  The chances of making yours the bucks party of the century start to improve.

So when you start to think about locations and unusual ideas. You could save a lot of time by contacting 5 Star cruises and letting them give you the benefit of their experience in organising a great event.

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Birthday Cruises Sydney

So you’ve been nominated as the organiser for your mate’s Birthday Cruises Sydney. Naturally, you want to do a great job. You know the ingredients for a great party; plenty to drink, good quality entertainment, good food and a lively, entertaining company. There are lots of venues in Sydney, but one idea that is catching on fast is the bucks party cruise around Sydney Harbour.

The question many people will ask is “why not just do a tour of the bars and clubs, surely that’s the regular practice for a cruise.” That’s probably right, or at least it used to be. The option of taking your event away from the masses and onto a luxury cruise boat that is exclusive to your party, plus a few “special guests,” is surprisingly achievable.

Luxury Boats for Bucks Cruises in Sydney

Small Groups On Any Vessel in Sydney

With a group size of as little as 15, you can book a beautiful boat for a cruise of up to 4 hours duration. We can put together your perfect combination of features to make the party goes down well. First, select the boat you would like, here’s a link to help you to choose – Birthday Cruises Sydney. When you have that sorted, we get to the perfect bit. So selecting the food, the drink and, of course, the lovely girls. They will accompany you for the duration of the trip, serving the refreshments and adding a touch of glamour. You will also have the option of booking an X-rated show for the bucks on the boat. Here’s the link for choosing the show and other extras that you might want.

Ships and Giggles Hens Cruise Package

The Greatest Way To Have Fun Is A Birthday Cruises Sydney

So when it comes to planning it pays to speak to specialists. They know all the ways to make it an exceptional occasion so why not pay a visit to the number 1 organisers.

5 Star Cruises.

The Play-Buoy Bucks Party Cruise

Australia Day Cruise

I know, it seems like months away and it probably is. So there’s no need to start worrying yet about the Australia Day, is there?
So If you’re in charge of organising something for one of the most critical days in the calendar don’t stress. Also which is traditionally the role of the man in the house, then remember that the best Australia Day Cruise Sydney tend to get booked up very quickly.

Sydney’s Most Outrageous Buck Ideas

Don’t Leave It Too Late To Organise Your Australia Day Cruise Sydney

Often, all that is left is for you and your party to wander from full bar to overcrowded bar when, with a little planning, it could have been oh so different!

Also, this is particularly the case of bucks party cruise boats. Many Australia Day organisers are considering a cruise in Sydney harbour, for the following reasons:

  • You can have exclusive use of the cruiser.
  • The boats are very luxurious and comfortable.
  • The ideal choice of beautiful food & drink.
  • Arrange any special requirements.
  • There is plenty of fun and entertainment to be had in the harbour.

Luxury Boats for Bucks Cruises in Sydney

The Ultimate Cruise Options Available Today

They are the best way to spend a great night out with your mates. Have a good time, away from the madding crowd.

Here at 5-Star Cruises, we work with you to make sure that you include all the things that your group would appreciate. If you contact us early enough, we can probably guarantee the exact boat that you will have. Also, you can select the wharves that you would like on your Australia Day Cruise Sydney.

Luxury Boats Sydney

The crew will serve all the food and drinks, so you can concentrate on enjoying the experience of a fantastic day on the water.

A cruise in Sydney has so much going for it, and the rates are very reasonable with upgrades and options available to make it even better value. Talk to us, and we’ll explain everything to you.

If you want to combine a cruise with a party at a traditional venue, then we can organise that too.  Just give 5-Star cruises a call to discuss your requirements and do it soon, so that you and your group will not be disappointed.

Call 5 Star Cruises on +61 404 291414 and discuss it with us.  Don’t miss out by leaving it too late!

Ship-Faced Party Cruise